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healthdirect mobile app

The healthdirect mobile app is the first of its kind in Australia, delivering the tools you need to manage your health in one app.

It combines a symptom checker, health service finder and health information which is reliable and most importantly relevant to Australians.

The app allows a user to start with a simple search for health information then seamlessly move into the relevant symptom checker and, if needed, find an appropriate health service near them. This movement from one service to another set the foundation for a multi-channel approach to content which has now moved into emerging technologies like messenger bots, smart speakers and video content.

Available for iOS and Android.

My role:

  • UX Design and product development
  • Facilitating design workshops
  • Collating feedback from user testing and adapting UX and UI based on that feedback
  • Developing app front end using Ionic framework
  • Testing and adapting UX for iOS and Android
  • Working with multiple teams across the business to plan product launch. These included Ops, Legal, Marketing and Risk Management.

Technologies used:
Ionic - Angular JS - AWS Lambda - Node JS